Ecclesia Hotel

An ancient Greek word translating to a political assembly of citizens, a group of believers or a symbolic body or building

General Information

What you see now as Ecclesia Hotel is the remnants of a 3rd century ‘Church’ named after St Demetrius which during the 7th Century was pillaged by pirates from the North of Africa when sadly the church was burnt down.

Thankfully rediscovered and restored to its present state by the Gurkan family, which through the years has become an attraction and meeting point for travelers from all across world. Hence ‘Ecclesia’ paraphrased;

Ecclesia = A Group gathered in celebration

“…we hope that when you visit St Demetrius of Symbola you will be able to reconstruct how life may have been then. The coastline is rugged, fish are plentiful orchards abound in citrus, pomegranate and trailing vines. The lagoon forms a fine harbor for passing tradesmen’ linen papyrus and grain from Egypt. Fine pottery from Rhodes…. And endless boats of pilgrims ready to buy or barter. Tourism arrived here 2000 years ago!”


  • Classic Double Room
  • Patio Garden Suite
  • Penthouse Suite
  • Sea View Suite